In the Name of Life

Essays in Honor of Erich Fromm
Edited by Bernard Landis and Edward S. Tauber
with the assistance of
Erica Landis

Published 1971 by Holt, Rinehart and Winston (New York)





Landis, B., and Tauber, E.
Preface, pp.vii-ix
Landis, B., and Tauber, E.
Landis, B., and Tauber, E.
On Erich Fromm, pp. 1-11
Will, Otto Allen, Jr.
The Patient and the Psychotherapist: Comments on the "Uniqueness" of Their Relationship, pp. 15-43
Guntrip, Harry
Singer, Erwin
The Patient Aids the Analyst: Some Clinical and Theoretical Observations, pp. 56-68
Searles, Harold F.
Schecter, David E.
Aramoni, Aniceto
Wald, George
Schmitt, Francis Otto
Dobzhansky, Theodosius
Eiseley, Loren
The Uncompleted Man, pp. 143-149
Xirau, Ramon
lllich, Ivan
Adams, James Luther
Riesman, David
Hall, Edward T.
Frank, Jerome D.
Kahler, Erich
Asimov, Isaac
105 Per Square Mile, pp. 263-274
Marković, Mihailo
Petroviċ, Gajo
Schaff, Adam
Bottomore, Tom
Appendix I
Appendix I

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