Putting Society on the Couch

Fromm Forum (English Edition – ISSN 1437-1189), 23 / 2019 (Special Issue), Tuebingen (Selbstverlag),  




Source: Fromm Forum 23e / 2019

Funk, Rainer, Kühn, Thomas


pp. 5-8..

Funk, Rainer

Erich Fromm: Bringing Psychoanalysis and Sociology Together

pp. 9-23.

Durkin, Kieran

The Art of Living and the Dialectics of Social Transformation

pp. 24-32.

Chancer, Lynn

The Compatibility of Frommian and Feminist Theory: An Argument for Relevance and Revision

pp. 33-44.

Maccoby, Michael, Mclaughlin, Neil

Sociopsychoanalysis and Radical Humanism: A Fromm–Bourdieu Synthesis

pp. 45-57.

Maciel, Fabricio

Erich Fromm and the Culture of Contemporary Capitalism

pp. 58-69.

Frie, Roger

Psychoanalysis, Persecution and the Holocaust: Erich Fromm's Life and Work During the 1930s

pp. 70-79.

Weber, Wolfgang G.

Toward a Humanization and Democratization of Work: References of Work, Organizational, and Economic Psychology to Erich Fromm's Concepts

pp. 80-94.

Kühn, Thomas

Leadership in a Digitally Transforming Social World Based on Fromm's Humanistic Approach

pp. 95-107.

Lorenzen, Sünje

Alienation and >Productive Orientation< in Work. A Contribution to Erich Fromm's Critical Analysis of Society

pp. 108-117.

Bierhoff, Burkhard

Thoughts on Liberation: On the Way to A Humane Society

pp. 118-137.

Ehnis, Patrick, Voigt, Katrin

Fromm's Contribution to the Analysis and Critique of the Ongoing Rise of Right-Wing Movements

pp. 138-152.

Voigt, Katrin

Contested Common Ground and the Question of Emancipatory Value. Applying Fromm's Radical Humanism and Social Narcissism to the Discourse on Refugees and the Nation

pp. 153-160.

Deguchi, Takeshi

Post-Truth Politics as a Pathology of Normalcy: Beyond Alienation and Narcissism in the Age of Globalization

pp. 161-168.

Leontiev, Dmitry

Self-Conscious Person Above Social Pressures: Erich Fromm's Guidelines for Individual Liberation

pp. 169-176.

Uozumi, Tomohiro

Erich Fromm and American Individualism

pp. 177-181.

Jimenez, Luis

Revisiting Fromm's Concept of Social Character and Social Change: An Example from De-Industrialized Working Class Communities in the UK

pp. 182-198.

Gojman-de-Millán, Sonia, Millán, Salvador

Developmental Roots of Productive and Unproductive Social Character Traits

pp. 199-210.

Espinosa-Rugarcía, Amparo

The Many Prisons of Women Predestined to Commit a Crime. Sadomasochism as a Female Survival Strategy

pp. 211-222.

Minchev, Plamen

Problems of Cross-Cultural Social Character Research

pp. 223-229.

Silver, Catherine

Rethinking Erich Fromm's Analysis of Power Relations in Socio-Psychological Research and Through the Social Third in the Clinical Encounter

pp. 230-243.

Buechler, Sandra

Clinical Implications of Fromm's Concepts

pp. 244-249.

Friedson, Meredith Lynn

Necrophilic Tendencies in Schizophrenia Treatment: Destroying Our Humanity One Behavioral Plan at a Time

pp. 250-260.



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