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What we do

The International Erich Fromm Society, founded in 1985, aims to promote a lively dialogue with Fromm’s intellectual legacy. It serves to maintain, research, develop and pass on Erich Fromm’s scholarly findings and ideas.

We are not, however, concerned only with the reflection of Fromm’s intellectual legacy. Of equal importance is grappling with questions that arise from the reference of Fromm’s works to current societal problems. In this way, Fromm’s humanistic thought and action can show us the ways and means to shape our society more humanely and to protect our environment in a more sustainable way. We try to approach these goals from different levels:


Erich Fromm’s findings and ideas are generally conveyed at themed yearly conferences. These conferences are—as most other events—also accessible to non-members. The same is true for 2 to 3-day seminars, workshops and study groups pertaining to certain themes. For more information, see Events.

Study Groups

Work specific to certain issues takes place in study groups that meet two to three times per year. The study groups are not only concerned with learning Fromm’s thought, but also with updating, supplementing, and expanding upon it. Interested persons are welcome and should contact the coordinators of the study groups directly for the most updated firsthand information regarding the meetings. For more information, see Study Groups.


The International Erich Fromm Society currently has about 650 members worldwide, of which just under two-thirds come from German-speaking countries. The rest are spread around the world. Most North American and Central American, Italian and Spanish members are Psychoanalysts. Among the German-speaking members, the spectrum of careers is vast and spans all levels of education.

Executive Board and Advisory Board

The Executive Board represents the Society both internally and externally. The Board is made up of three directors, and is elected by the General Assembly for a term of three years. The Advisory Board has four members, who support the Executive Board academically. It is elected by the General Assembly for four years at a time, and serves the Executive Board in an advisory capacity.

Executive and Advisory Board

Jürgen Hardeck

Chief Executive Director

Veit Hailperin

Vice Executive Director

Marc Leesch

Accounting Director

Anke Raidt

Advisory Director

Nils Bischof

Advisory Director

Michael Kubsda

Advisory Director

Bernhard Schindler

Advisory Director


Klaus Widerström

Chief Executive Officer

Honorary Members

  • Marco Bacciagaluppi, Milano
  • Romano Biancoli (†), Ravenna
  • Rainer Funk, Tübingen
  • Helmut Johach, Rednitzhembach
  • Gérard Khoury (†), Aix en Provence
  • Johannes Neumann (†), Oberkirch
  • Karl Schlecht, Aichtal
  • Jorge Silva García (†), Tlalpan
  • Horst Wagner und Edith Wagner Caillet, Aubonne/Schweiz


In May 2009, the International Erich Fromm Society had about 650 members worldwide. The largest group, with some 430 members, lives in German-speaking countries; some 35 each in USA and Mexico; some 40 in Italy. The addresses of the members cannot be published here for reasons of data protection.

Membership Fees:

The organization of the International Erich Fromm Society and the financing of its activities rely on the membership fees and contributions of the members.

  • The annual membership fee is now normally USD 80 or CHF 100 or Euro 60 for advanced industrialized countries (reduced to USD 40 or CHF 50 or Euro 30 for unemployed and family members).
  • For other countries the fee has been set at USD 40 or CHF 50 or Euro 30 (again sometimes reducible to USD 20 or CHF 25 or Euro 15). As a rule, the fee can be waived if payment demands seem unreasonable due to differences in the exchange rate.
  • For students the membership is free.
  • For incorporated groups, membership is set at USD 160 or Euro 100 or CHF 200 per annum.

Receipts will be sent for all payments and donations in January of the following year at the latest.

Instructions for Payment

Bank account: 

Internationale Erich-Fromm-Gesellschaft
Account No. 254 313
Kreissparkasse Tübingen
German Bank Number (BLZ): 641 500 20
IBAN: DE 63 6415 0020 0000 2543 13

For members within Germany,it is easiest to pay by deduction from a bank account. A form will be provided. 

For members living in other European countries, the best is to pay by bank transfer in Euros.

For oversea payment, please send checks only if they are drawn on a German or American bank and add the bank charges.

You can also pay via PayPal by using the “Donate”-button below! If you wish a receipt of your donation, please add the following data in the fileld “Message to Int. Erich Fromm Society” appearing while donating-process: Name, given name and your e-mail address. Thank you very much.

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