Erich Fromm’s insights and ideas are usually communicated through themed annual conferences. Like most other events, these conferences are also open to non-members. The same applies to 2-3-day
Seminars, workshops and working groups on specific topics.

Erich Fromm Prize

The Erich Fromm Prize is endowed with prize money of 10,000 euros and is awarded annually by the International Erich Fromm Society. The Erich Fromm Prize is awarded to people who have made a significant contribution to the scientific development of the company,
have made or are making outstanding contributions to the preservation or recovery of humanistic thought and action in the spirit of Erich Fromm.

Study Groups

Work on specific issues takes place in working groups that meet two or three times a year. This is not only about the reception of Fromm’s thinking, but also about its actualization,
Supplement and extension. Interested persons are welcome and should contact the coordinators of the working groups directly in order to receive the latest information on the meetings at first hand.