Gerhart Baum

In recognition of his convincing advocacy for the preservation of hard-won human rights and civil liberties and for his courage

for freedom, the International Erich Fromm Society honors Gerhart Rudolf Baum with the Erich Fromm Prize 2009. In a time characterized by global neoliberal dissolution of boundaries, but also by fundamentalism and postmodern arbitrariness, Gerhard Rudolf Baum exemplifies this courage for freedom. It therefore ensures that civil liberties are not sacrificed to scenarios of fear and a growing general desire for security. Peace policy must not degenerate into security policy. The liberal must not become the advocate of the antisocial. Art and culture that measure themselves against market success are destroying their own foundations. Gerhard Rudolf Baum is fighting these tendencies with clear words and admirable consistency. Erich Fromm recognized 70 years ago that the “fear of freedom” leads to submissiveness and authoritarian obedience. Today, it is the pursuit of security that threatens human freedom. With his courageous advocacy of freedom, Gerhart Rudolf Baum is therefore continuing Erich Fromm’s humanist cause.

Fromm Prize 2009 in the mirror of the Internet

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