Georg Schramm

… one who makes the unheard audible

In his stage characters, Georg Schramm allows people to express in a radical and disillusioning way what must not be allowed to come to light in this society that focuses on success and profit,

in view of a neoliberal ideology oriented towards economism. He clarifies and makes the anger constructive and is an impressive psychologist and character actor in the process. Tragedy and comedy, powerlessness and human dignity form a unique mixture in his stage programs.

What he has in common with Erich Fromm is above all his ability to bring to light that which is socially repressed and publicly shunned. While Erich Fromm’s characterological social analysis enabled many people to access the social unconscious, Georg Schramm did the same with the medium of cabaret.

The award ceremony took place on Monday, March 26, 2012, in the New Palace in Stuttgart. The following is the spoken word – for personal use only:

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Jürgen Hardeck
Greeting {play}images/audio/Frommpreis/Frommpreis_2012/01_Hardeck_Begruessung.mp3{/play}
Thomas Gebauer Laudation {play}images/audio/Frommpreis/Frommpreis_2012/03_Gebauer_Laudatio.mp3{/play}
Rainer Funk Award ceremony {play}images/audio/Frommpreis/Frommpreis_2012/04_Funk_Preisuebergabe.mp3{/play}
Georg Schramm
Fromm Lecture: “There is no deluge after us” {play}images/audio/Frommpreis/Frommpreis_2012/07_Schramm_Lecture.mp3{/play}

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